Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adventures in making Fascinators

The first time I saw I fascinator was at some rockabilly car show a few years ago and after that, I didn't see them again till that bizatch, Kenlley (sp?) on last season's Project Runway. In the past year, they seem to be everywhere. A ton of sellers on etsy have joined the bandwagon and I kept running into them at craft shows over the holiday season.
Now, as a crafter it burns my biscits to pay more for something than I know it is worth and a number of people are asking $30 and up for these things. I know that there is about $3-$5 of supplies that go into making them and it is not rocket science, so I had a little adventure today in making fascinators.

First....items you must have: feathers, E6000 glue, hard felt, Headbands, Popsicle sticks, and awesome looking buttons.
Second.....Just sit there and glue everything together, holding it in place for a few minutes with bobbypins and clothespins. I found that bobby pins worked the best.

Now, the only way this could not work out for you, is if you are impatient and don't give the glue time to dry between steps. You are going to end up with a glue covered mess.
Be patient and you too can wear awesome feathers in your hair !

Monday, February 16, 2009

Consignment things


Today was Pres. Day, which means I got the day off from teaching. Yay! I spent most of the day sewing my little fingers off though to get some consignment orders done. These little babies are off to one of the cutest sites on the interwebz, Girlz LyfeThey have everything for your cupcake and heart needs.

Also, super yay! I am going to be sending a bunch of stuff over to Wholly Craft in Columbus, OH.

My sewn babies are going to places I have never been.

Boys are Awesome sometimes...


Josh is super good at art stuff. This is my new most fav. picture ever that is soon going to be listed over at my other shop
Butter Cream Industries
This little side project for me is a shop that I am running with my BF, Josh. We work together on a bunches of the designs and my constant nagging and poking gets him printing them out.
He is getting ready to do a huge shop redesign though with greating cards and a lot more framed art. Keep an eye out !

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fur Babies have arrived !

After all of my fiber carding adventures I am always left with this awesome fiber
fluffy stuff. I decided to offer some of it up for sale and call them Fur Babies.

What is novelty

From time to time I get emails of people asking me about the nature of novelty yarn. Most often the questions come from knew knitters who I think are a little confused and maybe scared of it. I always tell them that novelty yarn is yarn that has a lot of extra and unconventional texture, materials, and themes that make it difficult to use for utilitarian yarn purposes, such as knitting a whole sweater <---although I have seen it done.
To use novelty yarn properly is such a skill because I think you need to know how to use it best in a project and what project to use it in.
One of my favorite sellers and buyers on etsy, YOKNITS is the best at this.
Just take a lookie at some of the stuff in her shop.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Etsy voting thing

I am up for Shop Makeovers Top Sellers things.
It would be awesome if you went on over and voted for me...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jessa goes to the big city

If you a get a chance, stop by the Virtual Labs Wens. the 14th at 3pm. I will be hosting a lab !!!!