Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adventures in making Fascinators

The first time I saw I fascinator was at some rockabilly car show a few years ago and after that, I didn't see them again till that bizatch, Kenlley (sp?) on last season's Project Runway. In the past year, they seem to be everywhere. A ton of sellers on etsy have joined the bandwagon and I kept running into them at craft shows over the holiday season.
Now, as a crafter it burns my biscits to pay more for something than I know it is worth and a number of people are asking $30 and up for these things. I know that there is about $3-$5 of supplies that go into making them and it is not rocket science, so I had a little adventure today in making fascinators.

First....items you must have: feathers, E6000 glue, hard felt, Headbands, Popsicle sticks, and awesome looking buttons.
Second.....Just sit there and glue everything together, holding it in place for a few minutes with bobbypins and clothespins. I found that bobby pins worked the best.

Now, the only way this could not work out for you, is if you are impatient and don't give the glue time to dry between steps. You are going to end up with a glue covered mess.
Be patient and you too can wear awesome feathers in your hair !

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