Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowday Let Down

So I have been thinking about how much money not eating out or eating much meat has been saving me a week and it is crazy. Before I was spending about $200-$400 bucks a week feeding Josh and me(he is still unemployed) and now that I am cooking every meal, it is costing me about $100 for 7 days of food for two people. A big help to all of this is the not eating meat part. I can get a brick of Tofu for about $2 whereas with meat, it would be between $5 and $10 depending on what it was. I know it sucks making your own meals 3 times a day, but if you plan carefully and make meals that can be reheated, it saves a lot of time and money. Plus it takes the icky salt of fast food out of your diet.
Tonight was chili over pasta with some cheddar cheese. Super yummy ! Josh made cookies for dessert.Total cost : about $7 for the both of us and we have another 2 meals of chili left.
Jeez isn't being poor grand!
Today we were supposed to get this monster snow storm in NJ....I got my little movie and a bunch of grading and crafting all ready to go and nothing happened. It was even sunny for a part of the day. I swear weather channel is just fucking with us now.
Work has been very bad this week. I feel just like I have been bashing my head against a wall. Nothing is worse than working really hard on an assignment, giving it out to the kids thinking they would love it, and someone says, "wow, this sucks!" Also, I am the worst at discipline. It makes me very uncomfortable to yell at an 18 year old and take away their cell phone. It is almost unbelievable they are so rude sometimes. Also, I love it when I hear a student whisper, " Wow, doesn't it look like Ms. Evans is going to cry?" "Yea, hahaa!"
I really hope next week will be better. I have to be better or figure it out. It is just so hard because I teach 4 different classes (freshman, jrs, srs, and a class called writing lab) and move classroom 5 times a day. I don't know where anything is..I don't even know what I am doing.

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